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Quote #998 (+7) [ 2003-09-05, 12:47 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Refle}{> so okay, if i go out and buy some generic DDR333 like 2x256mb sticks i can run it in DC mode provided the board supports DC ?
<VooDoo> different sticks have differant timings internally
<Refle}{> can you manually set the timings?
* Sticks/#overclockers makes a mental not to change his nick to something no-one mentions in the course of discussing technical issues.... WTF can't you fuckers say "ram module"?
<Refle}{> lol
<chubba> haha, i was wondering about that..
<V8R[2400]> module, wtf is that?? :)
<VooDoo> at least the discussions of voodoo cards has slowed