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Quote #975 (+37) [ 2003-08-30, 21:20 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> You want spam agg? nps, hang ten.
<FreeFrag> whoops, wrong window, soz
<Sleepy> hahaahhaaha
<Sleepy> FreeFrag, is there something ure not telling us?
<Sleepy> FreeFrag: funny thing is, you say wrong window but this is the only irc channel ure in lol
<FreeFrag> Sleepy, if I'm in a secret channel, it doesn't come up in a /whois </hint>
<Agg> FreeFrag on #overclockers @#dirtymansex
<FreeFrag> Agg, the scary thing is, if #dirtymansex is a secret channel, YOU have to be in there with me for it to come up in a /whois :o :o
<Agg> bitch.