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Quote #968 (0) [ 2003-08-29, 16:01 ] [ + | - | X ]

<RoSWeLL> LOL ahahahah sister got her tongue pierced i told her you wont be able to talk by today she didnt believe me now she is complaining while im laughing in her face trying to listen to her speak
<Bipdehone> ouch what does her tongue look like atm?
<Bleeter> lol
<Bipdehone> can u see?
<Bipdehone> is it bloated?
<Bipdehone> Well?
<Sponge> swollen
<Sponge> ?
<Bipdehone> question really is how swollen
<Sponge> like a penis full of viagra
<RoSWeLL> lol its huge