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Quote #831 (+4) [ 2003-07-31, 15:24 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Carrots> K1 wants his next GF to be dumb as a post
<Bleeter> ek, i'd be going other direction then. at least two brain cells please
<Carrots> yeah.. me too.. I want a gf who is atleast a bit of a challenge at 2 player games
<INerTIal> lol
<RoSWeLL> lol
<Bleeter> i'd like a GF who'd actually not run away @ the thought of playing a comp game
* INerTIal nods
<INerTIal> that would be nice i must admit
<Bleeter> i mean, just ONCE
<RoSWeLL> if u find one Bleeter let me know
<head_rush> lol, no way I want a gf that has NFI about computers
<head_rush> So like after a hard day at work
<head_rush> We can just have mad sex0r
<wry> my ex gf played comp games
<wry> we even played rpg games (book based + card based)
<head_rush> Like if they are better at a computer game than me
<head_rush> Thats just fucked
<head_rush> OMFG