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Quote #666 (+3) [ 2003-06-13, 03:17 ] [ + | - | X ]

<RedOctober> brb
<RedOctober> Gota scare the shit outa my sister :P
<RedOctober> Muwhahah
<RedOctober> I got my sister, and her friend
<RedOctober> Damn I'm good :P
<RoSWeLL> how ?
<RedOctober> They were @ Newgrounds on my dad's PC
<RedOctober> I came from behind and waited ;P
<RoSWeLL> just use remote control panel ..
<RoSWeLL> pop up goatse on their screen
<RedOctober> Hahah
<RoSWeLL> thatd scare the shit out of em
<RoSWeLL> probally be scarred for life or left blind one of the two