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Quote #642 (+6) [ 2003-06-09, 14:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Narc|Busy> I'm seriously thinking about driving down the road to grab some lollies..
<Banzai> Narc|Busy you fat poo. If it's just down the road ... WALK!
<Narc|Busy> Some sour lollies would go down well...
<Narc|Busy> It's about a 45 minute walk Banzai, I can't afford to waste an hour and a half today...
<Banzai> Well, that isn't down the road is it?
<Narc|Busy> It's only a 5 minute drive...
<Yaleman> Banzai: it IS down the road, just a fair distance
<Rage> narc, just how slow do you walk?
<Narc|Busy> What you should ask is how fast I drive..