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Quote #637 (+9) [ 2003-06-08, 03:13 ] [ + | - | X ]

<hell|zzz> documents, music, movies, mum dont touch, and pictures
<hell|zzz> ok
<MadHatter> you have a folder that says mum dont touch?
<hell|zzz> not yet
<hell|zzz> will do soon tho
<MadHatter> lol
<MadHatter> you think she is going to "not touch" it because you labeled it so?
<Tri> lol, like that's going to work :)
<MadHatter> thats like sayin, hey mum, ive got porn here!
<hell|zzz> btw i said it to be funny
<hell|zzz> my stash is on cd
<ineffable> labelled, mum don't touch?