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Quote #604 (+1) [ 2003-05-29, 02:07 ] [ + | - | X ]

<ReSiN> word
<josh_ip_te> word?
<ReSiN> word is bond
<ineffable> sup yoi
<ineffable> -i
<josh_ip_te> yo, g, check yo nine at da door and all dat shiznit
<josh_ip_te> da hoochies ain't been kicking it upside heah, know what i'm sayin'
<josh_ip_te> sif word
<ReSiN> yo dog i aint strappin, packin cols steady mackin
<josh_ip_te> well ese, i pack no piece, but i get el coyote up in yo face
* josh_ip_te throws down
<ReSiN> u packin yo shit, punk get a grip, im knockin your mums sis and cus suckin tit
<josh_ip_te> rofl
<ineffable> i love it
<josh_ip_te> WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING? can i have some
* Draffa falls off his chair laughing
* josh_ip_te hands ReSiN some bling-bling so he can get some 20's for his lolo
<ineffable> you can't be white