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Quote #564 (+59) [ 2003-05-16, 21:56 ] [ + | - | X ]

<RoadKILL> hey Narcolepsy what did you do with LW's body?
<Narcolepsy> Unspeakable things...
<Narcolepsy> Things of which I will not speak.
<Wizard> he dead ?
<Narcolepsy> Things of which nothing must be spoken..
<RoadKILL> well where did you dump it? cause he is MIA it seems
<Wizard> Speak not of the things of which you speak
<RoadKILL> i have spake of these things allready!
<Narcolepsy> I don't think 'spake' is a word...
<Wizard> Its in the bible i think
<RoadKILL> yeah tis
<Wizard> The lord spake upon to moses
<Wizard> and said
<Wizard> "Stop fucking about with that ocean gonad"