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Quote #4369 (+2) [ 2010-11-22, 00:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

< sg> someone who knows more about science than me, wtf is "nonionic surfactant"?
< GooseChu> sg: its a surfactant thats nonionic
< sg> apparently it is
< Rezin> Robotic surfing.
-!- klif-e [] has joined #overclockers
<@Agg> surfactant is something that sits on the surface of a fluid, usually water
< sg> right
< _d00dz> fuck this im booking a business flight to sjc
<@Agg> nonionic.. i assume means.. doesn't contain or form ions
-!- Matcat [] has joined #overclockers
< sg> well, that is what the dishwasher rinse aid claims 30% of its composition is
<@Agg> surfactants are bad if you have a fish tank because they separate your fishy water from the air, and they can suffocate
< sg> :o
< brodsta> oh no
< brodsta> what'll happen to your dishwasher fish sg
< sg> im not sure
<@Agg> so you have to agitate the surface of your tank if you are using a surfactant medication
<@Agg> handy tips with Agg