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Quote #4329 (+12) [ 2008-06-06, 21:43 ] [ + | - | X ]

[21:40] <Wayne>
[21:40] <Wayne> An Australian woman is under police guard in a Vietnam hospital after a bag of heroin she was allegedly trying to smuggle broke inside her body.
[21:40] <fen> win! o/
[21:40] <chunks> haha?
[21:40] <Wayne> "This is the first case in which we have found heroin in a person's anus. We have treated people having swallowed heroin before."
[21:41] <Wayne> Remember kids: when taking drugs it has most likely been up somebodies anus.
[21:42] <DmeciuM> That's a good point, wayne
[21:43] * Lemming smokes more pot
[21:43] <Evangel> Ass pot?
[21:43] * chunks notionally smokes pot
[21:43] <Lemming> fertilized with products of an anus, never been up there though
[21:43] <fen> somewhere, at sometime, a drug addled fucktard is going to read that story and think, i could probably get that out with a straw...
[21:43] <Lemming> lol
[21:43] <chunks> hahah I already did fen
[21:44] * Sheri backs away from Lemming