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Quote #4276 (+3) [ 2008-02-25, 23:57 ] [ + | - | X ]

<brodsta> Holy shit
<V8R[ws]> good plan, im out too
<Asteroid> lol been there done that :p
<brodsta> There is a computer shop in Ipswich with a WEBSITE
<brodsta> We have ascended the staircades from the pits of desperation
<glasnt> brodsta: they have the internet in ipswich?!
<brodsta> I know, and here we are using satellite glasnt
<glasnt> I'm using dropbears
<glasnt> they pick up the packets and drop them where they are picked up my the tube monkeys
<glasnt> You may say they don't exist, but we use them to scare the tourists, else they'd be harvested for wifi in Tokyo or something :S