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Quote #4209 (-4) [ 2007-09-10, 23:19 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Tommmo> also i managed to hook my alarm up to the internet
<gords> how does that work?
<gords> can you turn it on/off remotely?
<Tommmo> yes it has a java applet
<Tommmo> to disarm or check the status of zones
<Tommmo> but i trapped myself in my study
<Tommmo> i was fiddling with it and armed it, and the java thing crashed
<FreeFrag> rofl
<FreeFrag> So geeky.
<Tommmo> so i had to sit perfectly still
<Tommmo> and devise a plan
<FreeFrag> "Hello, Fire dept? I'm trapped in my study, please help!"
<gords> haha
<Tommmo> and it wouldnt let me reconnect
<gords> that is a better story than the alternator
<Tommmo> so i had to run to the front and disarm it. and it only went off for a few seconds.
<Tommmo> no it is not.