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Quote #4198 (0) [ 2007-08-12, 16:07 ] [ + | - | X ]

<mazzanet> YOUNG drivers continue to risk lives on the road by flouting tough new licence laws, with a statewide police operation on P-plate and learner drivers booking almost 700 offenders in a 24-hour period. Police made 687 traffic-infringement bookings across NSW during the blitz, which ended at midnight on Wednesday.
<Rage> lawl
<Rage> my mate is selling his RX7s
<Rage> and some guy came to take it for a test drive, gave my mate his keys and my mate let him go
<Rage> dude calls him
<Rage> he'd been booked at 120 in a 60 zone
<Rage> car got impounded
<mazzanet> haha
<Rage> dude still wants to buy it though, to fix up while his licence is suspended
<mazzanet> heh fail.
<Radar> Heh, cop that
<Rage> i think my mate put it best when he said 'i'm selling a lemon to an idiot!'