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Quote #4190 (+3) [ 2007-07-22, 16:03 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Stygian> USB guitar is incredibly vague.
<Stygian> Wow! Signal output to USB! What a revelation!
<QSC> Stygian: why dou always have to have such a negative attitude
<Stygian> QSC: Because there's really nothing to get excited about?
<QSC> Stygian: Get a girlfriend, she'll help you
<Stygian> I have a positive output on things when it's due.
<Stygian> Also. Who the christ are you to make assumptions on whether or not I have a girlfriend?
<QSC> oh dude it's obvious.
<Radar_> Touchy subject, make it less obvious man
<Stygian> Oh? And how is it obvious?
<fen> ok now its really obvious
<Stygian> Radar_: I'm not denying that I don't have one.
<Shaun> HOW DO U KNO IM 12
<QSC> your online persona smells heavily of basement dwelling virgin
<Stygian> Heh.