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Quote #4154 (-2) [ 2007-06-08, 12:44 ] [ + | - | X ]

<devians> advice to anyone who wishes to keep their sanity. do not buy a jasjam, or any 'pdaphone'. they are utter shit.
<Gary_J> devians, what's wrong with yours?
<Gamma> im thinking of getting the W880i anyone own one?
<devians> it just generally gives me the shits. like i have it open with the physical keyboard out, and it constantly fucking pops up the itty bitty useless onscreen thing. for fucking fucks sake, fuck the fucking fuck of you fucker.
<V8R[ws]> kyl3 with the hot news :D
<Gary_J> hrmm, mine doesn't normally pop up the keyboard
<V8R[ws]> devians: sounds like you lose :( you shouldve fucked the fucking fucker before the fucker fucked you first :/