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Quote #4140 (-1) [ 2007-06-03, 20:13 ] [ + | - | X ]

<wayne> xchat makes my PC speaker beep when you say stuff
<Agg> hi wayne!
<Agg> hi wayne!
<Agg> hi wayne!
<Agg> hi wayne!
<Stygian> spamdie
<Shaun> Oh look we broke Agg.
<Splosh123> Someone reset agg.
<Stygian> wayne: /beep1000
<wayne> if any of you say my name my pc speaker beeps even when muted
<Splosh123> wayne
<brodsta> Is that so wayne
<Stygian> /beep 1000, rather
<enigma> What about if we PM you wayne?
<Shaun> Telling us was dumb, wasn't it wayne?
<Splosh123> STBU, wayne
<SomeGuy123> beep
<Splosh123> wayne your a pain!
<Mibba> ohhhh wayne
<Mibba> anyone remember that show
<enigma> Wayne is busy: Removing PC speaker
<wayne> i am frantically searching the Ubuntu forums on how to turn it off