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Quote #4134 (+4) [ 2007-06-02, 00:39 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Gamma> im so bad at this rap shit
<EmBed> give us the sentence gamma
<Gamma> no
<EmBed> we rap it up for ya :D
<Gamma> Walking down George St with my bro's
<Gamma> looking for a drink.
<Gamma> no time to stop and think.
<Gamma> Cars race by faster then you can blink.
* Gamma rage quits
<Agg> lol
<EmBed> walking down george street, chilling with my bros
<Gamma> im not gangster enough :(
<EmBed> looking for a drink, lookin for some ho's
* Agg clears his throat
<Agg> George St, city beat, underneath the Tower
<Agg> My posse seeks with shufflin' feet, thirst-quenchin' power
<Agg> Tyre squeal, happy meal, Ronald's crazy clown
<Agg> Large coke's the soothin' dope, in this dusty town
<Gamma> hah outback rap! :P
<Gamma> thats awseome Agg
<EmBed> agg is teh legend.