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Quote #4086 (+11) [ 2007-04-23, 20:39 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Lits> anyhoo, register or i'll cut off your thumbs
<biatch> you can have 'em!
<biatch> they're useless anyway
<Lits> like your boobs?
<biatch> >:|
<Lits> o.o
* Lits runs
<biatch> boobs? useless?
<Lits> and i quote
<Lits> <biatch> pfft. the boobs, they do nothing for me! | <Lits> i bet they'd just get in the way | <biatch> they do
<biatch> what the. where'd that come from?
<Shaun> Looks like he keeps record of whenever you talk about your breasts.
<Lits> a convo some time ago
<Shaun> Rather creepy.
<biatch> how'd you get it so quickly?
[20:42] <Lits> i keep records of any time anyone talks about breasts