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Quote #4075 (0) [ 2007-04-10, 23:24 ] [ + | - | X ]

<@Agg> <-- this is quite nice :)
<@Sciby> oh, you finally cracked it. What's it like?
<@Agg> ..quite nice
<@Agg> strong flavour tho
<@Sciby> Nooo... like smooth, does it have any interesting flavours, etc.
<@Sciby> I assume it would be smooth.
<@Sciby> As smooth as vodka gets.
<@Sciby> Apparently Gin and Vodka are the same thing - made the same way, from the same thing, except gin has the juniper berries and stuff in it. I dunno how true that is... I should look it up.
<@Agg> yup, that's wot i've always been told
<@Agg> gin = vodka + juniper
<@Agg> they're pretty much ethanol + water anyway :)
<@Agg> sipping a shot to jog my memory btw
<@Agg> smooth texture, strong banana flavour
<@Agg> no wait, wrong hand, that's a banana