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Quote #4026 (+8) [ 2007-02-01, 22:50 ] [ + | - | X ]

<biatch> ohhh love heart exhaust tips. hell no.
<biatch> and fluffy steering wheel covers
<biatch> for god's sake!
<biatch> get some common sense!
<brodsta> And "Crazy Bitch" sticker in hot pink on the rear windshield
<biatch> uurrnnggghhhhh!
<biatch> yeah all that crap!
<biatch> silly bitches.
<saboteur> have you seen my exhaust tip biatch
<Cav> biatch: get some common sense! <- im going to save that thought for my darkest hour
<brodsta> And don't forget all the Tweety merchandise!
<IKT> don't forget the huge dent at the front