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Quote #4012 (+16) [ 2007-01-17, 19:37 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Nozz> Holly barely cries or causes us any grief at all
<Nozz> I think the baby manufacturers were just going easy on us the first time or something
<Freaek> sweet
<Freaek> if someone ever hoodwinks me into having kids, can I get the configs from you?
<Freaek> just tarball them onto ugbox or something
<Nozz> sorry dude, they're proprietry :p
<Nozz> I destroyed the source after I compiled it
<Freaek> aww come on maaan
<Freaek> software wants to be free
<Freaek> maybe I can reverse engineer it
<Nozz> I'd prefer if you didn't