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Quote #393 (+10) [ 2003-03-11, 19:49 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FrankThePug> any hackers in here
<FrankThePug> ...
<Ycros> In what sense?
<Ycros> And/Or context.
<FrankThePug> remote access
<FrankThePug> i need to use it
<Ycros> Use remote access? To where?
<FrankThePug> a friends computer
<Ycros> For what purpose?
<FrankThePug> information
<FrankThePug> can u help
<HeadshotSniper> try asio
<FrankThePug> um
<FrankThePug> no
<FrankThePug> isnt that like the secret service
<HeadshotSniper> Au spy
<HeadshotSniper> network
<FrankThePug> where can i get that from
<Ycros> Would that be information that your friend would not want you to have?
<FrankThePug> maybe
<FrankThePug> can u help
<Ycros> So why should I help you breach somebody's privacy? Would you like me looking through your personal files? I think not.
<FrankThePug> due
<FrankThePug> dude
<FrankThePug> he has something of mine on his comp
<Bigchris> if hes your friend, ask for it back.
<Bigchris> FFS.
<FrankThePug> hes sort of not my friend anymore
<Bigchris> oh
<Bigchris> what is it exactally, porn of your mum or something?
<FrankThePug> no
<HeadshotSniper> lol
<FrankThePug> a copy of empire earth
<Ycros> .
<Bigchris> lol.
<videl-emi> roflmao
<HeadshotSniper> Rofl
<videl-emi> someone put this in log or something
<videl-emi> funniest quotes ever
<Bigchris> lol
<Bigchris> i think im gonna cry
<HeadshotSniper> you trying to hack empire earth back? and your on dialup if you wanted to d/l it