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Quote #3927 (-7) [ 2006-12-24, 23:25 ] [ + | - | X ]

<biatch> I carry the one house key on me - the flyscreen key - because it's the only doors that are locked.
<myne> hahaha biatch end it now
<myne> if you top your own idiot list
<biatch> Okay, so, going out to dinner and I decide I'd better shut the sliding glass doors just incase!
<myne> you've got nothing left
<biatch> The rest of my house keys are in the car. They're never used
<Sniper165> and you didnt take a sliding door key
<biatch> Bingo!
<biatch> It was in the car.
<biatch> The fucking CAR keys were in the HOUSE
<Deanodrvr> damn
<outy> hahaha
<outy> biatch said fucking
<brod|afk> lol
<biatch> I couldn't get into the house because the keys were in the car, and I couldn't get in the car because those fuckers were in the house!
<outy> what did you do?
<myne> scream like a banshee I suspect
<outy> should have waited for santa, that bastard will sneak in ya chimney