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Quote #3567 (-8) [ 2006-09-26, 15:09 ] [ + | - | X ]

<The_Dan> so i can hang my arse out of it
<The_Dan> i dont like rooves
<The_Dan> but most convertibles are queer
<outy> mate of mine did that once in my car at 5 am to old people walking
<The_Dan> hahaha
<Ze> The_Dan : most convertibles would suit you then :)
<outy> so i swerved and his ass got stuck in the window frame
<outy> he was jammed good
<Ze> outy : nicely done
<outy> pulled into a side street and sprayed his bum with wd40
<The_Dan> oh thats brilliant
<Ze> outy : getting him all lubed up , should've taken him to the red light district of the town and parked there :p
<outy> haha
<outy> i wasnt going to drive to the valley with my mates arse stuck in the windowframe
<outy> created a really bad blind spot when changing lanes
<outy> and when you check your blind spot you get an eyeful of japs eye
<mang> LOL