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Quote #3533 (+1) [ 2006-09-03, 12:35 ] [ + | - | X ]

<leesa> if you're referring to sex, csimpson, i haven't had sex in months.
* leesa is now known as biatch
<Narcolepsy> I haven't had sex in...
<Sunset> poor biatch
<Rainwulf> for 7 months
<Narcolepsy> Almost exactly 30 hours. Hell ought to freeze over.
<Rainwulf> hrmm
<Rainwulf> time for a beer
* Narcolepsy is now known as Narc|Busy
<SirPNut> yes, the thought of even Narcolepsy getting more sex than you is enough to drive anybody to alcoholism
<Rainwulf> true
<Rainwulf> then again he is a sexy man
* Narc|Busy struts.
<Rainwulf> and in the military
<Narc|Busy> Yeah, everyone loves a man in uniform.
<Rainwulf> how could any girl resist
<Narc|Busy> Hell, I even had to turn Rainwulf down.
<biatch> Yeah but you guys are probably missing the vital point.
<biatch> Narc|Busy is probably getting sex from military MEN
<Rainwulf> being
<Rainwulf> lol
<Tabris> eh, in these modern times why be picky :P
<Narc|Busy> Any hole's a goal, right?