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Quote #3315 (+2) [ 2006-04-06, 19:09 ] [ + | - | X ]

DJStudd: ffs
DJStudd: Just got gastro from my wife 45 minutes ago
DJStudd: puked the second I got out of the car :(
Stygian: DJ-Studd: sux2bu :P
DJStudd: that it does :'(
Stygian: got a laptop?
Stygian: cos you'll be IRCing from the toilet sooner or later :P
Bern: Try cooking her for a bit longer next time DJStudd
Stygian: unless you go for some REALLY out there stuff
MonoAWAY: I read on the toilet this morning
DJStudd: ha ha Stygian :(
MonoAWAY: who said men can't multitask? :)