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Quote #3147 (+7) [ 2005-12-17, 19:00 ] [ + | - | X ]

[18:59] <David> any of you nerds talk to jessica this morning before she left for the lan?
[18:59] <David> mention anything about stealing my fucking mouse?
[19:00] <moda> lol
[19:00] <FreeFrag> <MeowMix> I bloody hate David....he's a fucktard.....I'm going to steal his mouse, that'll teach him.
[19:00] <FreeFrag> Yeah.
[19:00] <David> are you serious?
[19:00] <moda> lol
[19:00] <FreeFrag> I thought she was a little harsh, but *shrug*
[19:00] <yaleman> lol
[19:00] <Grosby> rofl
[19:00] <David> okay.. are you kidding? :p
[19:00] <David> because i have a whole array of revenge material here
[19:00] <FreeFrag> No seriously, I just looked up my logs dude.
[19:01] <David> *looks at her laptop*
[19:01] <David> show me the log :p
[19:01] <Grosby> steal it!
[19:01] <Grosby> aww lookit da ugwee widdle face
[19:01] <Grosby> n da hand aww
[19:01] <moda> ...
[19:01] <FreeFrag> <MeowMix> If he comes in later, tell him that he's never getting this mouse again, and even if he does get it he wont want it *puts somewhere rudez0r*
[19:01] <Grosby> up her clacker
[19:02] <David> oh great
[19:02] <David> did she mention specifically where it is?
[19:02] <Grosby> up her clacker
[19:02] <FreeFrag> Let me look....
[19:02] <David> maybe she might find her shit out on the footpath when she gets back? :p
[19:02] <Grosby> am I being too crass?
[19:02] <FreeFrag> Lot of talking in between her lines
[19:02] <David> what time was this btw FreeFrag?
[19:03] <FreeFrag> <MeowMix> No seriously guys, I've had enough of him, the least I should do is steal his mouse...he'll never find it.
[19:03] <FreeFrag> David, no timestamps :(
[19:03] <David> yeah i could sell it to you ocau nerds
[19:03] <David> okay FreeFrag you've had your fun :p
[19:03] <David> i call bluff
[19:03] <FreeFrag> I call gullibility factor = *VERY HIGH*