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Quote #3141 (0) [ 2005-12-15, 12:19 ] [ + | - | X ]

Rainwulf: oh achieva you stupid fucks. Athlon64 3500+ BOX (2.2Ghz) Processor with Hyper Transport Technology (Socket 939)
Rainwulf: stupid stupid fucks
Turophile: lol Rainwulf
ace234: Rainwulf?
Rainwulf: yes
Rainwulf: what dammit
Rainwulf: im busy not doing any work
Draffa: I think he wants to know what's wrong with achieva
Rainwulf: oh
Turophile: ...
Rainwulf: great. another stupid person
Turophile: AMD64 has Hyperthreading now?
Draffa: hyper transport...
osman: hyper transport
Rainwulf: HT is intel marketingspeak.
Rainwulf: wait
Rainwulf: fuck
Turophile: Yeah, my bad...
ace234: lol nice work Rainwulf :)
Rainwulf: guess who is stupid. ME
Draffa: gg Rainwulf