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Quote #3106 (+8) [ 2005-11-24, 20:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

[nbound] how do you make a quit message anyway????
[modafroman] slash guit message
[FatMan] nbound: handy thing called the tools -> options
[mazzanet] nbound: type /quit [message]
[mazzanet] and it'll store your message
[FatMan] ^^ or that
[mazzanet] so when you /quit next, your message will appear
[nbound] yeah i couldnt find it in options
[nbound] message goes in []'s?
[mazzanet] no
[mazzanet] well you can if you want
[nbound] okiez :)
[ace234] what you put afet /quit will be in your quit message
Quit: [nbound] [XXXXX@] [Quit: Disconnecting from the Matrix.....]
FatMan high-5's mazzanet
[FatMan] well played.
[mazzanet] hah!
Join: [nbound] [XXXXX@]
[nbound] did it work?
[nbound] lol
[mazzanet] no
[ace234] try alt + z
[mazzanet] you better do it again
Part: [nbound] [XXXXX@]
[Azrael] lol
[Bern] hahaha
mazzanet hi-5s ace234
[bungs] hehe
Join: [nbound] [XXXXX@]
[Shaun] You guys are mean.
[nbound] dammit
[nbound] whoever said that
FatMan straightens up his halo
[ace234] hmm try /raw server quit <message here>
[mazzanet] nbound: try /server quitmsg [message]
[mazzanet] ...which is the same as ace234's
[mazzanet] you don't need the /raw
Quit: [nbound] [XXXXX@] [Quit]
[ace234] hehe
[Azrael] Lol
[bungs] :)
[ace234] mazzanet but it makes it harder to understand for the n00bs so they do it anyway
[mazzanet] /raw server doesn't do anything...
Join: [nbound] [XXXXX@]
[nbound] okiez that definately didnt work
[ace234] it does, it just passes everything after the /raw straight to the server
[nbound] it tried to connect to a server called quitmsg
[mazzanet] and 'server' isn't a valid command, so nothing will happen
[[nbound] im using mIRC if that helps
[mazzanet] oh
[mazzanet] you need to get an operator to set it then
[mazzanet] type /join 0,#help
Part: [nbound] [XXXXX@]
[FatMan] hahaha
[ace234] haw haw
[Bern] lolol
[ace234] this has to be ugboxed