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Quote #3061 (+4) [ 2005-11-01, 22:31 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Lombers> what happens when you hit lvl60?
<Jessica> You turn into a fairy.
<Lombers> lol
<Jessica> And then you realise: you've been a fairy this whole time for playing such a POS game.
<Lombers> but seriously, is that the end of all the fun?
<Jessica> I mean, hello2u pixels.
<Jessica> Nah, you get to go around pwning n00bs.
<Jessica> Its like "IM LVL60 HAX lol i pwn u"
<Jessica> meanwhile the guy is this obese, completely unintelligent thanks to years of msn talk fool with doritos stained fingers and pizza smeared all over his face