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Quote #3016 (+4) [ 2005-10-08, 14:19 ] [ + | - | X ]

<DeeMan> Yeah. In my job interview, i was asked "what's the first thing you do if you get stuck" - my answer? Use google. New boss says "Me too"!
<FreeFrag> ROFL
<FreeFrag> See, if you were being interviewed by Eddie McGuire, he'd say "Uh sif, my boss says NineMSN is better than google"
<FreeFrag> "But i'm too stupid to use a computer for anything other than 4 questions and an answer so what would I know"
<MonoAWAY> if you were being interviewed by eddie mcguire he'd keep taking ad breaks to add to the tension
<DeeMan> Ah, but i'd have four options to choose from, and three lifelines.
<MonoAWAY> until you punched him in the face for doing it so often