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Quote #3000 (-3) [ 2005-09-23, 10:32 ] [ + | - | X ]

<DJ-Studd> Hmm, anything wrong with having a 12" and 10" sub in the car? Or will that destroy the sound, according to purists?
<firestones> DJ-Studd: i doubt there should any problem with running two different sized speakers. just don't put them both in the same box.
<SirPNut> purists will say that anything will destroy the sound
<firestones> yeah, you're not even supposed to be in the room, or else you will desroy the sound.
<SirPNut> room? what room? you mean the sound-destroying room? *shock horror *
<Andrew> you can only listen to music in a vacuum whilst drinking a single plum, in perfume, floating in a man's hat
<Andrew> thats the only way you can properly appreciate music
<Andrew> don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise