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Quote #299 (+2) [ 2003-02-03, 12:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<biatch> Firemoth: You just assume i'm a chick
<Firemoth> biatch, should I assume otherwise? You certainly look like a chick in the photos on the forums.
<sabz> biatch: well if you show up at the BBQ with facial hair, I'll get worried.
<biatch> Just for you i'll make sure i shave it, sab ;)
<sabz> "Sorry... I can't go to the BBQ. Unforeseen circumstances."
<biatch> I'm sorry i couldn't come sab... i got the most severe shaving rash on my face that i've ever seen
<Firemoth> biatch, might want to use a more sensitive shaving cream next time.
<Firemoth> Just a thought.
<sabz> Firemoth knows - he had the same problem doing his bikini line.
<Firemoth> sabz, Wasn't my fault you didn't use the sensitive shaving cream on me like I asked you to.