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Quote #2951 (+11) [ 2005-08-26, 01:33 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Cham|Zzz> women are like HT pentiums mate, they multi task at near full speed. Men are like AMD's, sure theyll multi task but each extra task will slow things down exponentially.
<Cham|Zzz> Thats why the majority of maccas drive through staff is normally a female.
<Ultimata``> Cham|Zzz, yeah, but men can do one task at a time, blizingly fast, and can game better, as well. :D
<oli> Cham|Zzz: hahahhaa
<Ultimata``> -but
<oli> and women are expensive too
<oli> just like pentiums
<Ultimata``> and can fold faster
* Cham|Zzz points out that just like prescott's, women are hot headed and it only gets worse under load :P