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Quote #2942 (+4) [ 2005-08-18, 16:09 ] [ + | - | X ]

<outy> argh, having the flu sucks, cant sleep at night cause i cant breathe, cant sleep at day cause its soo hot, turn on aircon, flu gets worse, wake up every hour with a dry throat choking on nothing, drink water and it goes down the wrong hole, cough really bad, hurt your throat some more
<FatMan> cut your throat out
<FatMan> you don't need it
<FatMan> whoever says anything otherwise is lying
<outy> i swear i breath out through my mouth and it sounds like i have a BOV
<csimpson> HAHAHHAHAHA
<outy> blow off valve for those playing at home
<csimpson> outy, man, i just fell off my chair laughing
<csimpson> it was a true blue ROFL.
<outy> good, i hope your hit your head and are now going to die
<PooJou> Lol BoV
<outy> shutup PooJou, its so not funny, it hurts to breathe
<PooJou> lol
<PooJou> don't get defected
<outy> hahaha
<csimpson> haha
<outy> nah i got engineers cert
<PooJou> " yeah mate, we're gonna have to get you to plumb that into the exhaust"
<beta|SLEEP> you pppppppttttschhhhhhht it hurst to ppppppppppppppppppppppppttttshccct breath ???
<PooJou> Ya reckon, does darth vader have a BOV?
<PooJou> it'd explain his heavy breathing
<PooJou> like if he runs a lot
<beta|SLEEP> yeah and youd think the back pressure would kill him
<PooJou> <<defect'd>>
<Vantage> PooJou: Yeah and he has a type r sticker on the back of his helmet too
<PooJou> haha
<PooJou> HKS!
<Vantage> TRUST
<PooJou> lol
<PooJou> General Grevious had trust parts i reckon
<Vantage> haha
<PooJou> it made him 20% faster
<beta|SLEEP> outy do you have a HKS sticker on your forehead?
<outy> shutup