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Quote #2809 (+3) [ 2005-06-02, 20:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<wild`> TheWedgie: got a Q for you.. is there a way of telling if we have more than one exchange in dubbo? (I think there's only one, but my brother reckons there's another)
<TheWedgie> yeah
<TheWedgie> kinda
<eDust> ring up telstra and say "hey the dubbo exchange is on fire". if they ask which one, then you know there's more than 1
<wild`> lol
<FreeFrag> lol eDust
<Apok> lol
<Apok> go with edusts idea
<FreeFrag> You'll probably just get TheWedgie and he'll start laughing and ask for pictures
<wild`> rofl
<eDust> lol
<TheWedgie> ahaha