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Quote #2707 (+7) [ 2005-04-24, 12:04 ] [ + | - | X ]

(Simboo): need to find out how to get trade rates at bursons
(tensopaway): bursons basicly is trade rates Simboo :)
(Simboo): tensopaway - not cheap enough
(Simboo): I know they can be cheaper :)
(tensopaway): any cheaper and you would have to be robbing the store Simboo
(Simboo): hmmm..
(Simboo): what you doing tonigh?
(Simboo): :P
(tensopaway): robbing bursons
(Simboo): lol
(tensopaway): 'this is a fucking stickup, give me an exedy clutch motherfucker!'
(tensopaway): 'on the phone, shutup'
(tensopaway): *30 minute wait*
(tensopaway): 'sorry, dont have it in stock, try bayswater'
(Simboo): hahahah