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Quote #2700 (+4) [ 2005-04-21, 00:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<the_squid> i hate having no job
<DarkNation> i hated having a job
<DarkNation> fkn every day after school for 4 hours
<the_squid> oh noes
<the_squid> woe is you
<the_squid> how did you manage having money
<DarkNation> so now ill be working teh weekends
<DarkNation> lol i loved having money
<Eminoir> boo fucking hoo
<DarkNation> i bought a fkn new computer in 3 months
<DarkNation> : P
* Eminoir hands squid a board with a nail in it and picks up a chain
<the_squid> not now em
<Eminoir> it's for him
<DarkNation> mwhaha
<Eminoir> asshat
<DarkNation> haha