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Quote #2620 (-2) [ 2005-03-09, 22:07 ] [ + | - | X ]

<D_Web> there is this big cat that keeps appearing every night
<D_Web> he is pretty fat, has no coller and seems pretty tame, but won't come up to me
<D_Web> any ideas?
<wild`> D_Web: approach it slowly?
<D_Web> it starts moving away when I get ~2m from it
<eDust> why do you want it to come to you?
<wild`> get some catnip then :)
<D_Web> I want to know who's he is/if he is tame or not
<D_Web> don't want him attacking our cats
<eDust> D_Web, it might come closer if you hide the knife behind your back