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Quote #2587 (+2) [ 2005-02-16, 21:19 ] [ + | - | X ]

* PoissonBot|akaHardy has joined #valhalla
<PoissonBot|akaHardy> can someone give me an xp VL key...
<TheWedgie> heh, that was much funnier while I was typing it.
<PoissonBot|akaHardy> whats the last two letters?
<TheWedgie> 11
<TheWedgie> my shift key was stuck.
<PoissonBot|akaHardy> doesn't work...
<PoissonBot|akaHardy> is it a VLK?
* The_Wookie slaps TheWedgie around with several types of marine creature
<TheWedgie> hang on PoissonBot|akaHardy
<PoissonBot|akaHardy> thanks
* PoissonBot|akaHardy is now known as Hardy
<TheWedgie> *sigh*
<Hardy> haha
<TheWedgie> finally clicked? :P
* Hardy forces a broom up TheWedgie's rectum