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Quote #2585 (+3) [ 2005-02-15, 21:47 ] [ + | - | X ]

<WhiteyAIR> browsing the internets from the comfort of my own bed.. I believe in heaven and truely this is it..
<WhiteyAIR> wireless > *
<TheWedgie> lol
<@knowsfords> WhiteyAIR: I'd actually say that snuggling under some blankets during winter is the best thing evar.
<WhiteyAIR> hmm.. you get negatives and positives with sharing bed space with a member of the opposite sex. I have yet to discover a negative to browsing in bed...
<WhiteyAIR> I haven't argued about something trivial with my powerbook yet
<WhiteyAIR> and it's never asked me how many women I have slept with before..