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Quote #2582 (+1) [ 2005-02-13, 01:04 ] [ + | - | X ]

(SC88)that DarkNation is a fag
(myne) you wanna hook up?
(Murcalumis) Don't change the subject, we're on the topic of YOUR faggotry right now
(Chadwiko)<SC88> oi how gay is that DarkNation fag
(Chadwiko)<myne you wanna hook up?
(Chadwiko) hahahaha
(PlayingUT2k4) haha
(Murcalumis) lol myne
(PlayingUT2k4) yeah SC88 hes a wanker
(SC88) no shit
(SC88) he never shuts up about his green lights
(SC88) and ub3r case
(PlayingUT2k4)yeah, i wanna stab him in the eye with a pen
(SC88) or whatever
(SC88) and
(SC88) he like is only 14
(SC88) and sittin here tellin me where to go
* PlayingUT2k4 is now knowns as DarkNation
(SC88) when does he usually come online?
(DarkNation) 15 acually
(Murcalumis) AHAHHA
* Quits : SC88
(Chadwiko) hahaha