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Quote #2537 (+3) [ 2005-01-25, 23:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

<@Falkor> i wore my gf's name badge for about 2 months
<@Falkor> "Jessica"
<@Falkor> but then we have this thing, mystery shopper
<@Falkor> were a person orders pizza and surveys us on it
<@Falkor> and on the form they put "Served by: Jessica description: Male, light build, brown hair, 5'10". I think he had the wrong name badge??"
<brembo`> lol
<@Falkor> and my boss laughed at me and told me to stop wearing it heh
<@Falkor> so i just stopped wearing a name badge
<@Falkor> people would go to complain about me "I'm going to complain about you... err.. ahh.. umm *looks for badge*" me: "whatever, go home."