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Quote #2525 (+3) [ 2005-01-23, 11:18 ] [ + | - | X ]

<mazzaBBQ> the bbq people were the ones i were standing next to for the last 15 mins
<mazzaBBQ> dammit
<mazzaBBQ> everyone knows me
<David> you found them mazza?
<mazzaBBQ> but i dont know them
<FreeFrag> mazzaBBQ, put the fucking IRC phone in your pocket and socialise.
----- 5 Minutes Later -----
<David> mazza put down the phone man :p
<ace234> mazzaBBQ are you going for the biggest geek award?
<mazzaBBQ> yes
<mazzaBBQ> these people are scaring me
<Reaver|ZzZ> how's mazza on the net
<David> on his phone
<David> nerding it up bigtime
<FreeFrag> mazzaBBQ, are they looking at you with that " is up with that kid, it's like he has an emotional attachment with IRC" look on thier face?
<David> FreeFrag: $10 says so.
<FreeFrag> mazzaBBQ, turn on the webcam, I want to see thier faces.
<David> take pics!
<David> surely that phone has a camera too
<David> I tried telling mazza yesterday that he shouldn't play with his phone.. he needs to socialise with the people! :D
<FreeFrag> Who knows what mazzanets mobile number is? I'll call up Telstra and have it cancelled because it was stolen. We've got to do this kid a favour.