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Quote #2442 (+11) [ 2004-12-20, 21:56 ] [ + | - | X ]

<edj> around 30 years ago, my dad recieved some cylinder from sweden, someone died overthere and he was a decendent of that person... my dad never did anything about it, and we have no idea where he put the cylinder
<edj> only found out after his funeral when my uncle, (his brother) told me about it
<Agg> what was in the cylinder, edj?
<edj> some official swedish document
<edj> land rights or something, I don't really know much about it, but it had the official seal of sweden on it
<dr_red> edj: you could be rich!
<edj> back then they figured it was way to expensive to go to sweden and claim it, so they just left it
<dr_red> it could be a shitload of land
<dr_red> id be looking into it
<Agg> You own Sweden. Would you like to build a hotel ($185)? (Y/n)
<edj> lol, my dad chose "n" unfortunately