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Quote #2432 (+2) [ 2004-12-16, 11:20 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Nza> what were you doing in the us?
<Pengo1> working
<Pengo1> and traveling
<Rainwulf> picking up skans
<Rainwulf> skanks
<Pengo1> i won't lie and say i didn't enjoy myself
<Pengo1> i'm no player but having the aussie accent helped my pathetic chances
<Pengo1> :P
<Hyper[a]la> lol
<Pengo1> "Oh you sound just like Hugh Jackman and that crocodile man!"
<Rainwulf> hahaha
<Rainwulf> american chicks are suckers
<Rainwulf> apparently
<Pengo1> in more ways than one