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Quote #2421 (+7) [ 2004-12-10, 15:29 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg> anyone know how much a sheepskin costs? like one of those flat-sheep-shaped rugs.
<lunar_c> lol
<lunar_c> about 120, agg
<Agg> hmm
<lunar_c> and it's a fleece.
<lunar_c> technically.
<Agg> boy, i feel sheepish now.
<lunar_c> oh god how long have you been saving that old chestnut.
<WM|KG--> Stop fleecing him damnit.
<Agg> i can baaahly stand it.
* lunar_c explodes from all the pun
<lunar_c> *BANG*
<WM|KG--> I'm out of pun.
<Agg> aww, i thought ewe might ram us.
<lunar_c> it was all a little too .. pungent for me.
* WM|KG-- has left #overclockers
<lunar_c> ewe baaaahstard, agg.
<Agg> woold you like me to stop now? :)