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Quote #2390 (-7) [ 2004-11-18, 20:14 ] [ + | - | X ]

<deepspring> that'd be right set off my highlight for nothig
<deepspring> bloody typical
<deepspring> :p
<dr_red> what was that deepspring?
<deepspring> talkin to voodoo dr_red
<dr_red> i was setting off your highlight for nothing, deepspring
<deepspring> yes I can see that
* deepspring minimises the window and goes off searchin for some anime to watch
<dr_red> i never realised how much people talk about engines untill i setup a highlight on rb
<Woob> lmao
<dr_red> i should set off his highlight again
<dr_red> deepspring
<FreeFrag> deepspring ?
<dr_red> deepspring
<V8R[race]> deepspring ?
<dr_red> deepspring!
<Crystal> deepspring ... :/
<dr_red> lol
<V8R[race]> deepspring :(
<Crystal> deepspring
<Fragwizard> hrmn.... deepspring :P
* Crystal cries
<ace234> deepspring
<dr_red> roflmaodeepspringbbq
<Crystal> why are you ignoring us!!
<Lazerin> it's like deepspring
<FreeFrag> soeone quote it.
<Crystal> deepspring sucks
<V8R[race]> DEEPSPRING !!!11!!!!?
<FreeFrag> deepspring!!!!
<Lazerin> you quote it deepspring
<eDust> there was this deep spring
<V8R[race]> Deep'
<Lazerin> why have you forsaken us? deepspring!
<FreeFrag> deepspring, can you pleae quote all that crap up above, ta honey
<V8R[race]> Deep's Ring ?
<Crystal> I think deepspring is ignoring us
<dr_red> so, hows about that deepspring, eh
<mazzanet> hi deepspring!
<deepspring> hahahha
<Lazerin> deepspring is so kewl
<dr_red> deepspringles
<deepspring> awwww
* Crystal wonder if deepspring hilight keep goin goff
<deepspring> that it is
<Crystal> teehee
<deepspring> and I am so logging this
<Crystal> we're mean
<dr_red> time to make a nice quote
<Lazerin> good work deepspring
<Crystal> I bet deepspring feels loved
<deepspring> very
<deepspring> :p