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Quote #2373 (-2) [ 2004-11-07, 15:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

<outonanisl> damn half duplex and full duplex is a pain in teh arse to understand, but i think ive got it
<Hibba> half-duplex = only up or down not both at once
<outonanisl> can someone correct me if im wrong, half duplex for hubs cause hubs are gay, full duplex for switches, cause switches are the bomb shizzle
<Hibba> full-dueples = both ways at once
<outonanisl> and what hibba said
<mazzanet> er
<mazzanet> no
<Fragwizard> ooo dueples
<Fragwizard> :P
<outonanisl> lol dueples ? wtf
<Hibba> gg speeelng
<V8R[wrk]> ie: most gf's are half duplex.. some lucky guys have girlfriends that are full duplex ;)